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From 2014-2016, Future Library coverage includes over 300 articles, with 106.8 million reaches, including, A-N, Aftenposten, Argentinia Star, Art News, Arts Life, Artslant, BBC News, BBC Mundo, BlouinArtInfo, CBC Books, ChicagoLiterati, CTV News, Dagavisen, Dagbladet, Die Presse, Die Spiegel, El Mundo, El Pais, DNA India, Entertainment Weekly, Financial Times China, Flavorwire, Frankfurter RundSchau, Future of Story Telling, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Indian Express, Inhabitat, Inquisitir, Irish Times, Italiaglobale, ITV News, Kleine Zeitung, Kunstbeeld, Latin Post, Le Figaro, Montreal Gazette, Morgenbladet, MPR News, National Geographic, New York Times, NRC, NRK, PRI, Princeton University Press, Quill and Quire, Reality TV World, Reddit Books, Sky News, Slate, Svenska Dagbladet, T24, Tech Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Long Now Foundation, The Week, Toronto Star, Treehugger, Vice, VN, WWD, Yahoo Japan News
The Gedankenexperiments of Katie Paterson, Mary Jane Jacob, essay, September 2016
Art Monthly, Katie Paterson: Hollow, Syzygy, by Lizzie Lloyd, July 2016
Studio International, Katie Paterson: As a child, I used to practice daydreaming, by Veronica Simpson, May 2016
Scottish Sunday Mail, Inside a Glacier to Outside of This World, by Heather Greenaway, May 2016
Hollow coverage includes: Aesthetica Magazine, Archdaily, Archello, Archinect, Designboom, Dezeen, Divisare, Domus, E-Architect, Fastcodesign, Financial Times, Hi-Fructose, Inex Magazine, Inhabitat, Marie Claire, My Modern Met, Plataforma Arquitectura, RIBA, The Guardian, The Spaces, Urdesign, Wallpaper, May-July 2016
LA Times, David Mitchell has a new book, but you'll have to wait 98 years to read it, by Michael Schaub, May 2016
The Guardian, David Mitchell buries latest manuscript for a hundred years, Alison Flood, May 2016
New Scientist, Syzygy exhibition squeezes cosmic wonders into everyday objects, by Paul Graham Raven, May 2016
Of Great Magnitudes and Multiplicities, by Sally O’Reilly, Lowry exhibition essay, May 2016
The Ayes Have It, by David Mitchell and The Time of an Artwork, by Lisa Le Feuvre, essays, May 2016, and Future Library, by Margaret Atwood and A New Spring, by Arve Rød, essays, May 2015
AnOther Magazine, The Cosmic Conceptual Art of Katie Paterson, by Daisy Woodward, December, 2015
An Interview with Katie Paterson, Berlin Art Link, by Alison Hugill, December 2015
The Atlantic, The Value of Art No One Alive Will Ever Experience, by Rowland Manthorpe, June 2015
Psychology Today, Turning Back Time, by Diane Cole, May 2015
Der Zeit, Dieser Wald erscheint 2114, by Lina Brion, May 2015
The Huffington Post, 'Future Library' Reminds Us How Connected Books And The Environment Really Are, Claire Fallon, 10 June 2015 Katie Paterson, The Science of Art, The Insight, 5 June 2015
New York Observer, Scottish Artist Taps David Mitchell to Write a Book for a 100-Year Time Capsule, Casey Quackenbush, 29 May 2015
WWD, ‘The Bone Clocks’ Author David Mitchell Named Next Donor to The Future Library, Rosemary Feitelberg, 28 May 2015
The Guardian, Into the woods: Margaret Atwood reveals her Future Library book, Scribbler Moon, Alison Flood, 27 May 2015
BBC News Online, Margaret Atwood puts unseen manuscript in ‘Future Library’, 26 May 2015
The Guardian, Grand Theft Author: I’d wait 100 years to read Margaret Atwood-but many wouldn’t, Natalie Haynes, 26 May 2015
Something is going on in Norway. It involves the greatest writers of our generation…, Christopher Beanland, May 2015
Monocle, Tomorrow People, Rebecca Unger, February 2015
Apollo, Looking ahead: Katie Paterson discusses her Future Library, Crystal Bennes, 11 October 2014
New York Times, Sunday Review, Katie Paterson, 20 September 2014
Smithsonian, Every Year for the Next 100 Years, Authors Will Write Books That Won't Be Read Until 2114, Rachel Nuwer, September 2014
The Guardian, Margaret Atwood's new work will remain unseen for a century, Alison Flood, 5 September 2014
Dagens Næringsliv, Hundreårsskogen, Kristiane Larssen, 4 September 2014
The Sunday Times, Seeing Stars and Stripes, Hugh Pearman, August 2014
The Times, Katie Paterson, Ideas, Nancy Durrant, August 2014
Katie Paterson, Sand and Stars, Ben Tufnell, August 2014
The New York Times, The Fifth Season, Holland Cotter, August 2014
Hyperallergic, Artist's 100-Year Project Will Grow Books from Saplings, Jillian Steinhauer, August 2014
The Independent, Katie Paterson, In the Studio, Karen Wright, July 2014
The Economist, Expading Universe, In the Studio, July 2014
The Times, The Turner-tipped artist who's out of this world , Mike Wade, June 2014
The Paris Review, Future Library, Dan Pipenbring, June 2014
Kunstkritikk, Om hundre år kommer alt for en dag , Mariann Enge, June 2014
The Times, Art shoots for the stars with Katie Paterson's Second Moon, Rachel Campbell-Johnston, August 2013
In Another Time, Fiona Venables, May 2013
Signs and Wonders, Brian Dillon, May 2013
Modern Painters, Staring into Space: Katie Paterson shoots for the heavens, Coline Miliard, June 2012
The Guardian, Katie Paterson, the cosmicomical artist, Brian Dillon, April 2012
The Independent, Katie Paterson: 100 Billion Suns, Zoe Pilger, March 2012
AnOther Magazine, 100 Billion Suns: Katie Paterson’s confetti rainbows, Skye Sherwin, Autumn/Winter 2011
Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight, James Attlee
Guardian, Artist of the week 149: Katie Paterson, Skye Sherwin, August 2011
The Sydney Morning Herald, This work's message: don't search for one, Adam Fulton, July 8, 2011
AnOther Magazine, Katie Paterson, 100 Billion Suns, June 2011
The Gentlewoman, Modern Astronomy, with Katie Paterson, Penny Martin, Issue 3, Spring/Summer 2011
Korean press file, March - April 2011
AnOther Magazine, Art Talks, Katie Paterson, Lucia Davies, March 2011
POST, Reflection Eternal, Dean Kissick, February 2011
Line Magazine, Sound Edition, Profile: Katie Paterson, Jennifer Owen, 2010
Haunch of Venison, Transmission: Three Young Artists from London
Observer New Review, Meet the best new artists in Britain, Kate Kellaway, October 2010
Art Monthly, Profile: Katie Paterson, Pryle Behrman, July - August 2010
The Sunday Times Culture, Waldemar Januszczak, June 2010
Rhizome, Interview with Katie Paterson, Ceci Moss, June 2010
Wired, Katie Paterson: The universe’s official artist, Gary Cansell, April 2010
Seed Magazine, The Ancient, Distant and Dead, online, March 2010
The Times, End-of-the-pier show, Louise Cohen, December 2009
A-N Magazine, Big Picture, December 2009
POK Magazine, Luminescence, Michael Fordham, October 2009
Dazed Digital, Earth Moon Earth, Priya Umachandran, September 2009
Independant, Women at work, Hannah Duguid, August 2009
FLYP, Exploring the Ineffable, David A. Ross, online, July 2009
Transmission, Reflection and Loss: Katie Paterson's Earth-Moon-Earth, Nicholas Alfrey, July 2009
Modern Painters, Katie Paterson, Sally O'Reilly, March 2009
Contemporary, Issue 95, January 2009
The Scotsman, Jay Richardson, 25 February 2009
Independent, Generation Next, Matilda Egere-Cooper, 16 December 2008
Art World, New Work: Katie Paterson, Issue 8, December 2008 - January 2009
The Sunday Times Culture, Waldemar Januszczak, 2 November 2008
Independent, The New Review, Close-up: Katie Paterson, Mike Higgins, 13 November 2008
Monocle, Light bulb Moment, Issue 18, Vol 2, November 2008
Metro, It’s the call of the wild, Fiona Macdonald, 2 March 2008
The Sunday Times Culture, Heard the one about the icecap calling? Tim Cooper, 30 February 2008
Art World, Student Shows, Issue 1, 10 November 2007
The Guardian, Morse-code Moon Mission, Francesca Martin, 28 November 2007
The Times, Did You See?, Francesca Steele, 10 June 2007
The Times, Access all arias, Richard Morrison, 9 June 2007
The Guardian, Glacier Death: Callers Take Part in Art, Maev Kennedy, 8 June 2007
Reuters, Artist Installs Phone Link to Dying Glacier, Avril Ormsby, 8 June 2007
The Scotsman, Artist records coolest sounds, 7 June 2007

A Planetary Order Galerie Christian Ehrentraut, 2014
CURIOSITY : Art and the Pleasures of Knowing Hayward Publishing, 2013
LIGHT SHOW, Hayward Publishing, 2013
Katie Paterson, Inside this Desert, BAWAG Foundation, Vienna, 2012
Marking Time, Andrew Benjamin, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 2012
Wild Sky, ed Michael Connor, Hatje Cantz, 2011
Space. About a Dream, Gerald A. Matt, Catherine Hug, Kunsthalle Wien 2011
Altermodern: Tate Triennial 2009, Nicolas Bourriaud, Tate Publishing, 2009
Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory [PDF], Lauren Cornell, Massimiliano Gioni, Laura Hoptman eds., Phaidon Press Ltd, 2009
Earth–Moon–Earth (Moonlight Sonata Reflected from the Surface of the Moon), published with Modern Art Oxford, 2008

BBC Radio 4, Front Row, July 2014
In-coversation with Ion Trewin, Chair of the Booker Prize, June 2014
BBC World Service, Outlook, May 2011
BBC Radio 4, Front Row, May 2011
CBC Radio 1, April 2009
BBC Radio 4, Questions questions, September 2008
BBC World Service, Digital Planet, April 2008
National Public Radio, July 2007
BBC Radio Scotland, June 2007
BBC Radio Arabic, June 2007
BBC World Service, June 2007
BBC Radio 4, 'Front Row', June 2007
BBC Radio 2, 'The Weekender', June 2007

Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky, 2012
100 Billion Suns: A short film with Katie Paterson, 2011
When Art Meets Astronomy, 2011
Tateshots, 2009

Shortlisted for the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco Prize (PIAC), 2015
The South Bank Sky Arts Award, Visual Art, 2014
Honorary Fellowship, Edinburgh University, 2013
Leverhulme Artist in Residence, UCL Astrophysics Group, 2010-11
Joanna Drew Travel Bursary, Hayward Gallery, 2010-11
John Florent Stone Fellow, Edinburgh College of Art, 2010-11
Vauxhall Collective commission, 2009-10
Darwin Now Award, British Council, 2009-10
Creative 30 prize, Vice/Yahoo/Indepedent, 2008
The Duveen Travel Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art, 2007

University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015
Musee D'Art Classique de Mougins, France, 2013
Frac Franche-Comté, France, 2013
University of Warwick, UK, 2013
The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, 2012
Artsonje Center, Seoul, South Korea, 2012
Guggenheim New York, USA, 2011
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia, 2011
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011
Artium Collection, Spain, 2009
Zabludowiez Collection, London, UK, 2009

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