Katie Paterson’s studio is directed by Siobhan Maguire with assistance from Edmund Cook, Anne Cottis and Niamh Forbes. The artist’s representative galleries are James Cohan, New York, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, and Parafin, London.

Hollow Created by Katie Paterson with Zeller & Moye. Commissioned by the University of Bristol and produced by Situations. With heartfelt thanks to Robert Ritchie in Canada for contributing his life’s wood collection to the project. To Rachel Cartwright for painstakingly archiving the entire collection. To Mark Nesbitt at Kew for his support and guidance. To Gary Foster, Simon Hiscock, Jon Bridle and Heather Whitney and students from the School of Biological Sciences for their advice and insight. We acknowledge the guidance and support of past and present members of the University of Bristol Public Art Committee, the team at Situations, Zeller & Moye and the team at Katie Paterson Studio for their commitment to the development of this work over three years. Thanks also to Arnolfini for hosting the sorting of the wood collection in December 2015.

Future Library
Commissioned and supported by Bjørvika Utvikling and managed by the Future Library Trust. Supported by the City of Oslo Department of Cultural Affairs and Business, Department of Environmental Affairs and Transportation and Norwegian Public Roads Administration SVRØ. Hosted by the Deichmanske Library, Oslo. Library room design with architects Atelier Oslo and Lund Hagem. The Future Library Trust includes Simon Prosser, Publishing Director of Hamish Hamilton, Liv Sæteren, former Director of the Deichmanske Bibliotek, Håkon Harket Publishing Director of Forlaget Press, Ingeri Engelstad, Editor in Chief of Oktober Press, and Anne Beate Hovind, Bjørvika Utvikling's Project Manager for the Slow Space Programme. Authors include Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell. Films by Giorgia Polizzi.

Commissioned by the Arts Council Collection England, as part of their 70th Anniversary Commissions; and by The Lowry, Salford as part of Syzygy and Week 53 Festival. Image donations include the Astronomical Society of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, Detroit Observatory, Michigan, USA, Hamburg Observatory, Germany, Hopkins Observatory, Massachusetts, USA, Lowell Observatory, Arizona, USA, the University of Illinois Astronomical Observatory, USA, South African Astronomical Observatory, Cape Town. Fabricated by Millimetre, UK. Print by Tapestry, UK. Assistance by Charlotte Gresham.

Guidance by Dr Steve Fossey, University College London Observatory. Fabrication by Art and Film Fabrication.

Candle (from Earth into a Black Hole)
Greatest thanks to Steve Pearce at Omega Ingredients for mixing the scents; and to KARMs for producing the bespoke candles. Thanks to NASA for supplying the recipe for the scent of Titan, Saturn’s Moon. Candle drawing made with Fraser Muggeridge Studio.

Timepieces (Solar System)
Timepieces (Solar System), has been created with help from Professor Ian Robson, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, and Dr Stephen Fossey, University of London Observatory. Produced with Art and Film Fabrication Ltd, and designed with Fraser Muggeridge Studio. With many thanks.

Second Moon
Second Moon has been commissioned by Locus+ in partnership with Newcastle University and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. Supported by Arts Council England, Adelaide Festival, and Newcastle City Council. Produced by Locus+ with production support from Elmsly. App design by Fraser Muggeridge Studio and Supermono. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Fossil Necklace
This artwork was created as part of Katie Paterson’s residency at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, in collaboration with Kettle's Yard, Cambridge. With greatest thanks to the scientists and staff who were so involved in the residency - in particular Dr Chris Tyler-Smith, Dr Aylwyn Scally, Rishi Nag, Luca Pagani, Qasim Ayub. Warmest thanks to all those at Kettle's Yard, to curator Danielle Olsen and the Wellcome Collection, Fraser Muggeridge Studio, Roger Dunkin at Holts, London, and to St Peter’s Church, Cambridge.

Artist in Residence, UCL
Many thanks to the Leverhulme Trust for supporting Katie Paterson's Artist in Residence position in UCL's Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky
This artwork was commissioned by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the Exhibition Road Show 2012. Many thanks to all those involved, including AB3 Workshops,
Martin John Callanan, DREAM, Keri Elmsly, The European Scanning Centre Ltd, Michael Hodgson, Insight NDT, Giorgia Polizzi, and Haunch of Venison.

100 Billion Suns
Special thanks to: Martin John Callanan, Matt Watkins, Annapriya Urquhart and Haunch of Venison, Nathan Thomas, Jessica Lin Cox and James Cohan Gallery, Matt Jarvis, Nick Crowe and Conor McGarrigle.

Every Night About This Time
Commissioned by the Whitstable Biennale 2010 in partnership with Turner Contemporary. Thanks to BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art; Martin John Callanan; David Callanan; Ken Doyle; Kimbolton Fireworks; London Centre of Nanotechnology; Professor Ofer Lahav, Perren Chair of Astronomy and Head of Astrophysics, UCL; Royal Native Oyster Stores; Sue Jones, Nathan Thomas, Elizabeth Tophill, Chris Yates, and the Whitstable Biennale team; Luke Williams; Alea Lani Dawson Schechter and Tami Kauakea Winston; and all those who hosted a work.

Inside this desert lies the tiniest grain of sand
Commissioned by the Whitstable Biennale 2010 as part of Every Night About This Time.
With special thanks to Professor Neal Skipper and the team at London Centre of Nanotechnology. In memory of Professor Mike A Horton.

Streetlight Storm
Supported by Vauxhall Motors, in partnership with Turner Contemporary and Whitstable Biennale. Thanks also to Martin John Callanan, Dover District Counci, Kent County Council, Future Creative, Ken Doyle & Paula Dean, Martin Fullekrug (Centre for Space, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Bath) and Dieter Lang (Innovation Manager, OSRAM)

Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight
Many thanks to Dieter Lang, Innovation Manager, physicist and engineer; Dr Andreas Wojtysiak, and Alfred Wacker, OSRAM, and the team at Nové Zámky, Slovakia.

Black Firework for Dark Skies
Many thanks to Stuart Adlam, Kimbolton Fireworks Limited

Ancient Darkness TV
Commissioned by PERFORMA 09, Part of PERFROMA TV. Co-presented by PERFORMA and Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Curated by Tairone Bastien with Defne Ayas. Supported by the British Council Darwin Now awards. Special thanks to Professor Richard Ellis and W.M. Keck Observatory.

All the Dead Stars
Many thanks to Gregory Aldering, Cecilia Aragon, David Bishop, Tom Boles, Prof Brian Boyle, Martin John Callanan, Holly Capelo, Prof Alejandro Clocchiatti, Paolo Corelli, Dr Susana Deustua, Dr. Weidong Li, Prof Richard Ellis, Alessandra Frassati, Emmanuel Gangler, Prof Peter Garnavich, Gordon Garradd, Gerson Goldhaber, Alex Gibbs, Donald Groom, Dr Craig Hogan, Saurabh Jha, Dr Stephen Justham, Daniel Kasen, Prof Ofer Lahav, Robert McNaught, Robert Meiklejohn, Berto Monard, Fabio Martinelli, Prof Priya Natarajan, Peter Nugent, Dr Carl Pennypacker, Dr Robert Quimby, Prof Michael Richmond, Joe Rowling, Dr Karl Runge, Dr Patricia Schady, Dr Brian Schmidt, Helen Sim, Gerard Smadja, Prof Christopher Stubbs, Dr Mark Sullivan, Mike Summers, Prof Stan Woosley. Peter Watts and Ronnie Faria, Powell Manufacturing.

Earth–Moon–Earth (Moonlight Sonata Reflected from the Surface of the Moon)
Special thanks to Peter Blair (G3LTF), Dave Powis (G4HUP), Peter Sundberg (SM2CEW), Jan Brunier (DL9KR), Doug McArthur (VK3UM), Mike Melun (KL6M), Karl Mohlin (SM3AKW), Piero Baldelli Rubes (I5CTE), Marc Franco (N2UO), Dave Dibley (G4RGK), Jay Lieberman (K5JL), Phil Somervell

Vatnajokull (the sound of)
Generously supported by Virgin Mobile, who provided funding and technical support to realise the work. Thanks also to Modern Art Oxford, Dolphin Ear, Iceland Express, Eagle Air and Routesafe.

Earth–Moon–Earth (4'33'')
Special thanks to Mike Watanabe (JH1KRC) and Noriyuki Yaguchi (JH0WJF).

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