Cornerhouse, Manchester, 25 June – 11 September 2011

Constellations presents a series of artworks that reflect impermanence, ephemerality and movement. At the core of the exhibition is the idea of a constellation not as something fixed, but an organic, evolving grouping with chaos and chance at its core. Each of the four artists featured in Constellations are interested in notions of fluidity and flux, with many of the works changing and evolving over time to create an exhibition that is different on each occasion it is seen. Together the works form a collection of ideas, which circulate and flow within an overall constellation. Highlights of the exhibition include: Kitty Kraus’s Untitled, a hauntingly beautiful work in which ice coloured black with ink melts on the gallery floor leaving behind pools of murky liquid that spread in strangely beautiful patterns around which viewers must make their way; and the first UK showing of Katie Paterson’s 100 Billion Suns, a confetti cannon which will be fired once daily blasting out 3216 pieces of paper, the colours of which correspond to Gamma Ray bursts – the brightest explosions in the universe.