Ideas | Katie Paterson
Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, 27 June – 4 October 2014

Katie Paterson’s exhibition for GENERATION and the 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival was her first solo exhibition in Scotland and one of the most significant presentations of her work anywhere to date.  In selecting key works from the last few years, alongside a series of new projects, the exhibition demonstrated Paterson’s commitment to a way of working that collides art with science in an attempt to make sense of the complexities of our universe.

Paterson’s work, often involving detailed collaboration with scientists and researchers, recalibrates our understanding of time and place by offering elegant and unnervingly simple responses to complex questions. In calling the exhibition Ideas, Paterson acknowledges the conceptual origins of her practice and the balance that is inherent in her work between what is real and what is imagined, between works that seek answers, and those that are content to ask questions. Ideas was accompanied by a summer-long performance of her 2008 work Earth-Moon-Earth at Jupiter Artland. Paterson’s project Second Moon was been commissioned by Locus+ in partnership with Newcastle University and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, and has been supported by Arts Council England, Adelaide Festival, Newcastle City Council, Catherine Cookson Foundation, Mead Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.