NOW | Katie Paterson
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK, 24 Aug 2020 – 21 Dec 2021

“Paterson’s work is brilliantly thoughtful, not just within its own context, but also the imaginative journey it takes the open-minded viewer on, into an appreciation of their place within the universe.” The List

“Katie Paterson grapples with some of the biggest ideas in cosmology and deep time and offers up work which makes them more understandable, whether that’s on a beach or in a gallery” The Scotsman

This exhibition focuses on the theme of time and highlights the work of Scottish artist Katie Paterson (b.1981). Born in Glasgow, and a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and Slade School of Fine Art, London, Paterson is considered one of the leading artists of her generation. Her works are the result of long periods of research and involve collaboration with specialists in scientific and other fields in order to translate complex ideas into physical, often poetic works of art. Paterson’s work explores deep time, the cosmos, and the place of humans in relation to these phenomena – ideas that have been central to the artist’s work for more than a decade. Among the works featured are Paterson’s mesmerising installation Totality (2016), a large-scale mirror ball featuring almost all known images of solar eclipses captured by humankind, and Light Bulb to Simulate Moonlight(2008), held in National Galleries of Scotland’s collection, which provides a lifetime’s supply of moonlight. Time appears as both a subject and a process of making in works by three further artists: Darren Almond, Shona Macnaughton and Lucy Raven.