Ideas, Katie Paterson, Edinburgh University Kings Building Campus

What time is it on Venus? What will be read by unborn people? Is it possible to plant a forest using saplings from the oldest tree on earth? Can we make ink to be read only under moonlight? Katie Paterson’s Ideas pose questions about deep time, and the limit of what is real and what is imagined. In the largest site responsive presentation of the work to date, one hundred existing and newly created Ideas have been brought together and installed across selected locations at the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings campus. The Ideas are located across an array of buildings (both outside and in), as well as in gardens, grounds and hidden and unexpected places, at varying levels, high and low. Each short text concerns the landscape, the universe, or an expanded sense of earthly and geological time. Ideas is a permanent commissioned by the University of Edinburgh’s College of Science and Engineering, and is open to visit daily.