Mirage announcement


Katie Paterson and Zeller & Moye have been commissioned by Apple to create a public permanent artwork at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, USA. This public sculpture for the olive grove adjacent to the Visitor Center at Apple Park, has been created from cylinders of pure cast glass, made of sand collected from deserts across the Earth. Sand from subtropical deserts, coastal, rain-shadow, interior, mountainous, volcanic and fossilized deserts were melted into glass. Over four-hundred cast glass columns combine every desert on Earth into a wave-like form, mimicking a desert dune. Visitors can interact with the artwork, walking alongside and through it, where the glass subtly melts into the landscape, like a desert mirage. The artwork is open to the public.

The Future Library handover ceremony

The Future Library silent room is now open!

Last year’s handover ceremony was a very special event, a milestone for a visionary project: not only the annual handover took place, but this year three acclaimed authors were part of the ceremony, which included the opening of the manuscripts’ resting place, the silent room in the new public library Deichman Bjørvika. The silent room will be home to all of the manuscripts contributed to the project until their eventual publication in the year 2114. The room is designed by artist Katie Paterson and architects Atelier Oslo and Lund Hagem. Watch the 2022 handover film here.

Sustainability Workshop Norman Foster Foundation

Sustainability Workshop, Norman Foster Foundation | October 10–14, 2022

While there is an imperative to ensure human survival in the face of climate change, learning from nature’s intricate systems is crucial to ensuring a good quality life for all living things. What if the boundary between humans and ecosystems didn’t exist? What if we could transform our waste into nutrients for other organisms? The Norman Foster Foundation presents a new session of its Sustainability Workshop. The Academic Body brings together a wide range of practitioners from different fields related to biointegrated and ecologic design. The Academic Body includes: Stefano Boeri, Founder and Director of Stefano Boeri Archiecti; Cristina Iglesias, Spanish Artist and Sculptor; Mitchell Joachim, Co-founder of Terreform ONE and Associate Professor of Practice at New York University; Mohsen Mostafavi, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design and Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University; Brenda Parker, Associate Professor of Sustainable Bioprocess Design at the Department of Biochemical Engineering of University College London; Claudia Pasquero, Co-founder of ecoLogicStudio in London, Landscape Architecture Professor at Innsbruck University and Associated Professor at the Bartlett School of Architecture; Katie Paterson, Scottish Artist; Marco Poletto, Co-founder of ecoLogicStudio in London; and architect, theorist and urban planner, Moshe Safdie.


Requiem, Katie Paterson at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, 9th April – 11th June, 2022.

An exhibition by Katie Paterson at Ingleby Gallery brought together dust gathered from material dating from pre-solar times to those of the present.


Endling, a new artwork by Katie Paterson is on show at Galleri Tschudi til March 2022.


Katie Paterson, Monograph

This first comprehensive overview covering the work of Katie Paterson is hardback, 256 pages, 289 colour illustrations with a foreword by Nicolas Bourriaud and essays by Mary Jane Jacob, Lisa Le Feuvre and Lars Bang Larsen. The artworks in this book have been ordered as a ‘time telescope’, by duration – seconds, minutes, hours, years and light years.